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Eating Reno


Cheeseburger Island Style

My wife and I went with our son to Cheeseburger Island Style for dinner.  Figured we’d try somewhere new in town.

Upon first entering the restaurant you won’t get a good vibe about the atmosphere, its just simply TOO open and they need more walls.

We sat down and ordered our food.  We opted to order the coconut shrimp for an appetizer and share the black and blue burger.  Our son ordered the Spaghetti and Meatballs.

The shrimp came out pretty quickly and while they weren’t the WORST I’ve had, they were still dry and semi-petrified.   I don’t agree with other reviews on here that they are good (sorry!). Either I had the only bad batch or others don’t know what good coconut shrimp are like.

The burger came out and I could tell just by looking at it not to be impressed.  The patty was thin and small amount of blue cheese, onions and thousand island were at the top, maybe a tablespoon total.  The bottom part of the bun was really soggy (weird considering the burger was dry).   The flavor of the meat itself was bland and I had to use a lot of ketchup (bottle was empty and gross - hadn’t been cleaned in who-knows-how-long).   When asked we DID tell the waiter that the burger was dry but that we didn’t want to bother returning it.   The manager did come over but apparently didn’t feel like asking us and just offered to take my plate.

The kicker? There was a nasty old pineapple slice on the plate! It had a nasty thick dark ring around it.  Ugh..

My sons spaghetti was gummy and without much sauce (asked for more).  Didn’t get his opinion on the meatballs.

I’ve read others on here singing praises of the pulled pork sandwich - and perhaps that’s what we should have ordered.  HOWEVER - for a BURGER restaurant you would expect them to execute a burger properly but they are way off target.

All said, it was $46 for: Coconut shrimp, 2 draught beers, order of Spaghetti/Meatballs and a split black and blue burger.   In my opinion you could go across the street to Joe’s or down the street to In-n-Out and get a MUCH better burger for a fraction of the cost.

Needless to say I won’t be patronizing this restaurant again unless they drastically improve their game. If yelp would allow 0 out of 5 stars I would have done that.

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Whispering Vines & Roundabout Market - Somersett Town Center

This evening I met with a few freinds at Whispering Vines at the Somersett Town Center for a glass of wine.  I had been to whispering vines before, but only to grab a quick bottle of wine after attending a party.
Once seated we were quickly greeted by the friendly staff that showed us the different [...]

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Interested in writing your own reviews on Eating Reno?

Interested in writing reviews on Reno/Sparks resturaunts?  Enjoy eating out and have a good grasp of the english language?  Please feel free to contact me at Jeremy @

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Tequila Beach - at the Summit Sierra

On November 18th we decided to give Tequila Beach at the Summit Sierra a try. As far as I know it is the only mexican resturant in the mall.
For those of you who don’t know, the resturaunt used to be Cortinas, a higher end Italian resturant. Not only was it a few hundred feet away [...]

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Biscotti’s at the Peppermill

I’ll keep this short.
We had a suite at the Peppermill (the Villa Suite - very nice, very clean) and stayed over night.  As locals we enjoy patronizing local business whenever possible.   
That night we decided to try the Artichoke dip from Biscotti’s while we were enjoying a couple drinks at the bar.   The dip [...]

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